Wildlife Spotting on an Uluru Tour

Wildlife Spotting On An Uluru Tour

Yes, you’ve come to see one of the most famous rocks on the planet, but did you know there’s more to the Red Centre than just red rocks, earth and insta-worthy sunsets?

If you’re booking Uluru tours, then make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled as there’s a fair few desert creatures to spot whilst on an Outback tour!

How to get from Darwin to Uluru

What wildlife can you see at Uluru?

Uluru camping tours are pretty much the best way to take in the true essence of Australia’s Red Centre. Not only can you enjoy some bush-tucker whilst sitting round the fire, but you can also take in the sights of the universe at night – far away from any light pollution. It’s no secret that the Red Centre is a wonderfully unspoilt natural landscape, but that also makes it an ideal place to spot some wonderful desert wildlife and birds galore!

Darwin Uluru Package Highlights
Land Iguana near Uluru

So what should you look out for whilst on an Uluru camping tour?

Around Kata Tjuta you’ll find Broad Nosed Bats – of course this does depend on what time of day you’re visiting and whether you’ll be camping there, but if you are, keep a look out for these bats around dusk when they emerge to start feeding!

Mulgas Adventures, Perentie
Perentie near Uluru

Whilst you’re on a base walk at Uluru, be sure to look out for the adorable Spinifex Hopping Mouse and it’s enormous ears!

Other mammals around Uluru:

  • Spiky thorny devil
  • Perentie
  • Kangaroos
  • Emus
  • Dingoes
  • Wallabies

When it comes to birds, you may have the pleasure of seeing flocks of Zebra Finches at most watering holes, as well as Black-faced Woodswallows and Little Woodswallows. Those lucky enough may also spot a Spinifex Pigeon – which kind of looks like a tiger-bird hybrid.

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