What to expect on an Uluru Tour of Central Australia

Adventure? Check. Unbelievable landscapes? Check. One of the best things you’ve ever done? Check! Here’s what to expect on an Uluru Tour!

Central Australia, for many, is a bit of a mystery. Deserted and wild, a journey through this stunning part of Australia is full of adventure, and expecting the unexpected is the name of the game. You are unlikely to have travelled anywhere like it before, so what should you expect? Guests of Mulgas Adventures highlight this as the top 10 of what to expect of a Central Australia Tour!

10 Things To Expect On A Central Australia Uluru Tour

Unbelievable landscapes

That’s pretty much a given. Central Australia is all about wild open country, red earth and  horizons that stretch for miles. This is the big draw for many so be prepared to be staring at everything. A lot.

Starry skies

Sleeping out in the open is the best way to enjoy the clear night skies you only get in the desert. Being so far away from any light pollution means millions of stars appear as soon as the sun sets.

Sacred Aboriginal sites

Central Australia is home to some of the most remarkable Aboriginal sites in the country.  Kata-Tjuta, a series of unusual rocky domes and, of course, the mighty Uluru are just two of the amazing places to learn more about Aboriginal culture and history.

Outdoor dining – Aussie Outback BBQ

The great Aussie barbeque comes into its own in the Outback and most Central Australia tours include a nightly feast from the grill. Chowing down on a juicy steak under the stars is a culinary experience that’s tough to beat.

Weird and wonderful Central Australian wildlife

The harsh environment of the Outback means that only the hardiest little critters survive, and there is much more here than first meets the eye. Keep your eyes peeled for the awesome little Thorny Devil and of course, the ‘roos.

Early morning’s in the Australian Outback

There’s no getting around it, you will definitely be awake at sunrise most mornings. How else are you going to pack in all those amazing experiences into just a few days? Rest assured a lot of hot, strong coffee gets brewed on every tour.

Long distance drives on the tour bus

Central Australia is vast, and that means long hours in the bus. But with so much incredible natural beauty around, you’ll never get bored of the view, and breaks are always factored into every long stretch on the road.

Central Australia and Uluru are a photographer’s dream

If you want to make all your friends and family back home even more jealous of your Australian adventure, then get your camera ready. With gorges and canyons, stunning sunsets and amazing wildlife your Instagram feed will induce envy all around.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Whether it’s sleeping out in the open with snakes and scorpions for company or riding on top of a surly camel, Outback life can sometimes make you feel just slightly nervous. But what’s an adventure without a little nerve? After all, the best travel experiences always start with a leap of faith.

Make a bunch of new mates on your Uluru tour

Many travellers say one of the best things about a group tour is all the new mates you make. Sharing all those nights around the campfire and days full of incredible adventure means bonding. Big time. The friends you make on tour will last a lifetime.

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