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Weird Things you’ll find out Whilst on an Outback Camping Tour in Australia

Australia, the land down under, where the toilets swirl the wrong way round and the sky is upside down…

Perceptions of Australia have always been that of a weird and wonderful world, far away from it all, inhabited by strange marsupial creatures. And one camping trip into the Outback will have you completely enamoured with this weird and wonderful place! 

You probably think of the red rusty desert of the Outback when you imagine an Uluru tour or any foray into the Red Centre, but look a little closer and you’ll be blown away by some of the things you’ll discover on an Uluru camping tour

There are Camels in Australia 

Did you know that there are camels in Australia? Yep, proper camels! In fact there are more camels in Australia than anywhere else in the world, and no, they’re not some weird marsupial hybrid, they’ve been thriving there since the 1840s when they were imported from (then) British India and Afghanistan to aid construction work. In 2008 there were estimated to be around 1million feral camels! So don’t be surprised if you see any wandering around. You could also try your luck at a camel ride in Alice Springs before a 3 day Uluru camping tour

The Desert can get cold!

When you think of desert it’s 99.9% likely you’re imagining searing heat and dry air, and while that can be true during a summer’s day in Australia’s Red Centre, come night time you may need to wrap up warm as the sun sets, as being the desert, there isn’t much shelter and in winter temperatures can dip to zero celsius come nightfall.

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There are even more Rocks than Uluru

Yes, you’ve come to see Australia’s most famous monolith, but did you know that you can also see Kata Tjuta. You may not have even heard of this collection of rocks but they are just as impressive and wonderful to visit. This budget friendly 4-day Uluru camping tour includes a trip to Kata Tjuta as well as Kings Canyon – another amazing Red Centre attraction.

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