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Uluru Tours From May to October – Australia Travel Guide

Planning to book Uluru tours from May and October? Find out what makes a trip to Uluru that bit more special during this time of year.

Planning your Uluru Trip Between May and October

It can be tricky trying to plan where to visit in Australia and more importantly when to visit. After all it’s a vast country the size of a continent with varying seasons and climates from one side of the country to the other. You may have googled “when’s the best time to visit Uluru” or ‘when’s the best time of year to visit the NT’ and you’ll soon find out about the wet season, the dry season, and everything in between.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Uluru?

If you just want to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) then you can of course visit Uluru any time of year.

The optimum time of year to visit Uluru or Kata Tjuta is during the cooler months from May to October when you can enjoy hikes around the famous Rocks on a Rock Tour without being subjected to the searing heat of the outback.

After the dead of winter – which of course isn’t that cold at around 18 C in the day – the temperatures start to rise in August bringing warmer winds and coaxing reptiles out of hibernation. Animals start to breed, and fruit plants begin to flower making for a wonderful spectacle of flora and fauna.

Uluru Climate All Year Round

  • January – highs of 37.5 C / lows of 21.2 C
  • February – highs of 35.8 C / lows of 20.5 C
  • March – highs of 33.5 C / lows of 17.4 C
  • April – highs of 28.8 C / lows of 12.6 C
  • May  – highs of 23.4 C / lows of 7.9 C
  • June – highs of 20.2 C / lows of 5.1 C
  • July – highs of 20.3 / lows of 3.4 C
  • August – highs of 22.6 / lows of 5.5 C
  • September – highs of 26.4 C / lows of 9.1 C
  • October – highs of 31.5 C / lows of 13.5 C
  • November – highs of 34.1 C/ lows of 17.2 C
  • December – highs of 36.8 C / lows of 19.8 C

Uluru Climate From May to October

From May to October, the temperatures sit comfortably between 20 – 30 C. Of course nights and early mornings can be cooler, so be sure to check our packing list for what to pack for an Uluru tour to make sure you’re prepared for whatever your Red Centre tour throws at you.

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