Uluru Tours

Uluru Tours – 5 Constellations to Spot On

Uluru tours give you the perfect opportunity to see the stars bigger and brighter than most locations in the world! 

It’s no secret that Australia’s outback is remote. Miles from towns and the light pollution that surround them, an outback tour will cast a light on an activity you probably don’t get to do often, star gazing. Hop on board any Uluru tour and you’re sure to see the night sky like never before. 

Uluru camping tours

If you want to book an Uluru camping tour, then you’ll be in prime position to see the sky light up after sunset. Amazing views of the Southern Hemisphere include the ethereal glory of the Milky Way. With no glow from built up areas ruining your chances of star gazing, you’ll be able to see an abundance of shooting stars, and constellations as you lie back in your swag or by the campfire relaxing after a day’s touring Uluru. 

Constellations to look out for whilst in the Outback

Whilst camping in Uluru or the surrounds keep a look out for these constellations:

  • Orion the Hunter
  • The Seven Sisters
  • Scorpio
  • The Southern Cross (that’s the stars from the flag!)
  • Libra

The Milky Way from Uluru

A huge draw to camping in the Uluru National Park – other than the incredible views of the rock and its surrounds, is seeing the Milkyway and its magellanic cloud – A.K.A the fairy dust in the sky – this makes for some awe-inspiring views and photo opportunities. 

Planets visible from the Outback at night

Aside from the constellations and the Milky Way, you can also see planets such as Venus and Saturn. With all these incredible things to see in the night sky, there’s no reason not to experience the great outdoors overnight in Australia’s outback. 

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