Uluru Star Constellations – What Will You See?

Photo credit Pradeep Pandiyan

One of the highlights of our Uluru tours is the star constellations that you can see when camping in the Australian outback. There are many draws that beckon travellers to Uluru tours, but embark on Uluru camping tours and you’ll be in for more than just a quiet night in the outback.

Uluru Star Constellations

Uluru takes up residency in one of Australia’s most remote regions – The Red Centre. Over 335 km from the nearest city – Alice Springs, a trip to Uluru will give you a true sense of being in Australia’s outback – a million miles away from it all.

Witness a Sky Like No Other on Uluru Tours

As you enter Australia’s Red Centre the sky magically unfolds into a huge expanse. Sizzling orange at sunrise, vivid cornflower blue by day, shocking pink by sunset, and as it plunges into purple by nightfall, the Milkyway slowly reveals itself in all its splendour.

With the lack of light pollution in this remote part of Australia, you are presented with an unrivalled opportunity to witness the Southern Hemisphere’s constellations in sheer brilliance, giving you an other-wordly glimpse at the galaxy that contains our solar system.

Uluru Camping Tours

Spending a night on an Uluru Camping tour will enable you to experience Uluru at all times of the day. You’ll witness the famous Uluru sunrise and sunsets when the rock becomes illuminated by the low sun and appears to glow red, as well as the peaceful outback nights when you can stargaze to your heart’s content whilst sleeping in a real Aussie swag.

What star constellations can you see near Uluru?

Other constellations you might see whilst camping in the Australian outback include:

  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • The Southern Cross (As featured on the Australian flag!)
  • Orion the Hunter
  • The Seven Sisters

Planets & other out of space things to see in the outback:

  • Saturn
  • Venus
  • Canopus
  • Shooting stars galore!
  • Magellanic cloud – that’s the heavenly stardusty stuff of the Milky Way!

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