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Uluru Culture and History Snapshot

Let’s be honest, Uluru is the kind of destination you visit whether you are backpacker or luxury traveller but there are so many ways to visit one of the world’s most popular travel bucket list destinations that it’s worth planning your trip before you arrive and researching the best travel style for your experience. This quick guide gives you an overview of Uluru culture and history and the reasons why you should book an Uluru Camping tour and do it “Backpacker style”.

Uluru Culture and History

01. Uluru Boasts a History of Over 600 Million Years

An iconic symbol that defines the Aboriginal and Australian people, Uluru Rock is believed to have formed over 600 million years ago. A stone that was once sitting at the bottom of the sea now rises 348m above the red desert floor; although more of it still lays buried deep in the earth. The sandstone mound which looms over the desert dunes is a sacred site and bears immense significance to the Aboriginal people.

02. Uluru is a totally unique and amazing location

Located to the west of the Simpson Desert, 2.5kms of the rock lays buried in the desert floor. 335kms from Alice Springs and the Red Centre, Uluru is made up of deep cracks, caves and canyons that are a natural elixir to any adventurous backpacker. Pack those cameras, for apart from its stunning girth which seems to dwarf everything else in comparison, this rock is the suns canvas, shimmering and changing hues under its rays. On a Mulgas Adventure tour, you’ll get up close and personal with Uluru.

03. Exploring Uluru is Super Easy and Fast

Walking around the base of Uluru is recommended for a personal encounter of all the sacred rock has to offer. An Uluru base walk will take around 3.5 hours and will treat you to the rustic allures of the surroundings and you’ll get discover some of the histories of Australia’s first peoples, known commonly as Aboriginals.

04. Relish a Uniquely Australian Culture at Uluru

You will absorb the spiritual and cultural significance of this rock above all else. A place where you learn about the traditions and customs of the Anangu people – the original owners of the land; Uluru is still Aboriginal Land and is jointly owned and managed by the Anangu and Parks Australia.

05. Savour the Most Natural Backpacking Adventure

At Uluru, you get to enjoy nature in its most pristine and natural form; which is what backpacking is all about. Let out your free spirit as you wander across the rugged landscape absorbing cultures and rituals as old as time.

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