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Things You Didn’t Know About Alice Springs

Alice Springs sits right smack in the middle of Australia, hey, the nearest beach is 1,500kms away! Proving its central location, it is equally placed from Darwin in the north and Adelaide in the south; both places are roughly 16hrs away. So you have not just the rustic heart of the continent to explore but two amazing cities to head out to. Here’s a few fun things you didn’t know about Alice Springs.

Things you didn’t know about Alice Springs (probably)

Savour the Aboriginal Influence

Before the first European settlers arrived in Australia the desert surrounding Alice Springs was home to the Arrernte Aboriginals. Archaeological findings indicate the place was occupied 30,000-40,000 years ago; hence Alice Springs is one of the world’s oldest inhabited places.

Explore the Historic and Cultural Sites in Alice Springs

The Arrernte have established a number of convention centres in the region; very popular amongst visitors these sites offer invaluable information on Aboriginal culture.

  • Anzac Hill
  • Emily Gap
  • Heavitree Gap

Alice Springs is included in a number of literary works including;

  • A Town Like Alice by Neville Shute turned into a movie and TV series
  • The Songlines a travelogue by Bruce Chatwins
  • Down Under another travelogue featuring the town under the title ‘Sunburned Country’

Relish Nature

Framed by the McDonnell Range this region is as ruggedly handsome as Australia can get. A short walk will take you to dusty red gorges and beautiful multi-hued hillsides. The Alice Springs Desert Park is a pretty awesome treat!

Explore the Town

Stroll along the Araluen Cultural Precinct home to a line of fab galleries, cultural centres, museums and sacred sites where you get to savour Aboriginal art, culture and traditions.

Ride a Camel

We bet you didn’t know you could explore the desert in style by taking time to discover the stunning beauty of the outback on a camel. These animals are noted for their gentle behaviour are perfect companions to help you get close to the local wildlife, giving you a chance to observe kangaroos, wallabies, native birds and lizards – up close.

Play Golf in one of the world’s top ten desert courses

Let’s face it, playing golf in the desert is something pretty unique and you probably won’t do it again. While you’re walking around the desert golf course you’ll get to see some of the local wildlife and we should end with a mention that the Alice Springs Golf Course, ranked amongst the top ten of desert courses!

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