The Best Way To Travel From Darwin To Alice Springs

Traveling the more than 1,500km from Darwin to Alice Springs can seem like a daunting task. There is no doubt it’s a long way, but with so many amazing sights and experiences to be had in this beautiful part of the Red Centre, it doesn’t have to feel like a slog.

There are a number of ways to make the journey, and some travellers automatically opt for the quick, easy option of taking a flight. It is probably the most convenient way of getting from the city to the Outback, but what a waste! Making the journey by plane not only means parting with a hefty amount of your hard earned cash, it also means missing all the sights along the way. So unless time is of the essence, give the airport a miss.

The world famous Ghan railway makes the journey over the course of 2 days and is a pleasant, if pricey, way of catching the vast horizons and dusty towns as you zoom past. You’ll be treated to 5 star service with excellent food, soft beds and all the comforts of home. But it comes at a cost. Five star service means five star prices and this option is way out of the price range of most travellers. Choosing the train also means you’ll have no time to stop and explore all the beautiful natural wonders along the route.

Embrace the Outback

The best option by far is to travel overland. Hitting the road means you can really embrace the Outback, get your boots dusty and fill your camera with amazing photos of this remarkable environment with its wonderful wildlife and sights. And at a low price to boot! Our Mulgas Adventures Darwin to Alice Springs Express (reverse trip also available) is a fast and affordable 2 day journey that takes in such sights as the ancient and spiritual rock formation known as the Devils Marbles, where huge granite boulders seemingly defy the laws of gravity, the therapeutic Mataranka Thermal Springs and the stunning cascading waterfalls of Edith Falls. You will also get the chance to stay in a bona fide Outback town and the chance to chat with some true Aussie pioneers who call the place home. With so much to see and do, this journey isn’t just an “A to B trip”. Make the most of your time and relax with fellow travellers and a knowledgeable guide who can really bring this magical area to life.

Not Just an a to B Trip

If you are seeking more than just the Darwin to Alice Springs Express you can also select our Ultimate Tour Packages which will also have you visiting the beautiful sites of the Red Centre, including Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon (Watarrka), and of course the infamous Uluru (Ayres Rock).

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