Spring in The Red Centre

Spring unfolds from September to November each year in the Red Centre, and with it comes an array of reasons to visit during this beautiful season

Visit Uluru in Spring

You can visit Uluru any time of year, however during spring you’ll also get to see the incredible wildflowers in bloom across the Red Centre. Peppering the rusty soil with colourful displays, Australia’s wildflowers are stunning and during September to November you can see a vast display of gorgeous flowers – now how’s that for a photo opportunity?

What’s the temperature like in spring in the Red Centre?

Things are starting to warm up as spring makes its appearance and temperatures can fall anywhere between 14 and 30 °C. There can also be some epic thunderstorms to light up the night sky so make sure you check the weather forecast before you set off on an Uluru Camping tour as you’ll want to be packed for any eventualities. 

Sunny skies and not too many flies

Early spring is a great time to set off on an Uluru tour as you’ll definitely be avoiding the searing heat of summer which can bring lots of flies with it. If you’re travelling to the area during summer be sure to come prepared with a fly net hat – although the flies are not a deal breaker, they might just annoy you a little! 

Waterfalls & More

As October closes in, the refreshing rains begin to fill up the watering holes and you may even get to see Uluru’s waterfalls begin to flow making for an incredibly beautiful sight! 

Of course, this is rare, and you’ll have to be lucky to see it, but visit at the right time and you might just see a cascade of waterfalls tumbling off the rock! Well worth chancing it! 

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