Uluru Private Charters

Mulgas Adventures Uluru Private Charters (Central Australia)

Book an Uluru private charter with Mulgas Adventures if you have a group such as a university group, workplace group, sporting group or a group of friends we can cater a tour to your personal needs. Style an experience to suit you! Camping or accommodated. Meal preferences. Spend more time at the places you like the most and doing the things you want to do.

Just provide a few simple details to help us to quote, such as:

  • Number of passengers
  • Dates you wish to travel
  • Major experiences you wish to have. i.e. Uluru private charter
  • Dietary requirements
  • Special requests etc

You might like to review the details of our Uluru camping tours to get some ideas for your experience. We also have some great outback travel guides and information about our Central Australia destinations.

If you want to discuss your Uluru private charter or any other destination in Central Australia or the Northern Territory great, just contact us anytime.