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Packing List for Touring the Red Centre

The Red Centre well defines the Northern Territory. Sacred, rich in Aboriginal history and boasting landscapes that are ruggedly handsome, the area promises the ultimate outback adventure. Here’s a comprehensive packing list for touring the Red Centre Australia.

Clothing for Touring the Red Centre

No one’s going to go ‘crikey where are your khakis mate’; as glamourized as these outback kits are, they can be replaced! You need to pack layers, since the weather can change and vary by time of day; nights especially are chilly.

Essential Clothes

  • Adventure-ready clothes like leggings, shorts and hiking pants (yes ok, these can be khaki if you want to create that authentic Steve Erwin look)
  • A sturdy pair or runner or boots
  • Long pants; jeans or khakis for sunrise and evening activities when its chilly
  • Windbreaker or lightweight jacket
  • A smart casual outfit and closed shoes for when you decide to dine at a fancy restaurant in maybe Darwin
  • A hat and shades
  • Swimsuits
  • Shorts and tees
  • Beanies, scarf and track bottoms if you are visiting the place in Autumn or Winter (May to September)

Electronic Gadgets

  • Camera + charger and spare battery
  • Headphones
  • Phone + charger and powerbank

A Backpack Which Should Be Filled With the Following

  • Sunscreen offering a minimum SPF30+
  • Lots of insect repellent – for when you wear those khaki shorts
  • A large size refillable water bottle preferably with a filter
  • And binoculars

A Few Knick-Knacks

There are items we miss and wonder why we left behind and trekking the Red Centre of Australia does leave you hankering for some very simple items, especially when the weather is a scorcher; here they are:

  • Lip balm and moisturiser. The low humidity of the desert causes your skin and lips to dry out fast a rather unpleasant feeling to deal with while exploring the outback.
  • A small flashlight and spare batteries, perfect for when you are camping under the stars and hear a sound that needs investigating.

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