Outback Tours FAQ: Questions to ask when booking an Uluru tour

Ask any traveller the one thing they definitely do not want to miss while travelling through the Outback, and Uluru is likely to be their answer. With literally hundreds of tours on offer to this breathtaking marvel, trying to decide which one will be best for you can be a daunting task. We’ve taken advice from Mulgas Adventures tour guides who having spent a serious amount of hours with hundreds of travellers and have identified the top questions to ask when booking an Uluru tour. Think these through and you’ll be well on your way to making the best choice possible.

How much time will I have?

You may be swinging through with just half a day to spare, or be exploring at a more leisurely pace. There are tours to suit both so choose one that allows you to spend as much time as possible at Uluru. The rock and surrounding area are massive – you will need longer than you think.

Sleep under the stars or under a roof?

Though most tours offer the camping option, there are also hotels and lodges if you’re after some home comforts. Make sure that wherever you sleep, you’re as close as possible to Uluru itself for that all important sunrise. That magical light isn’t around for long.

Will my tour guide be culturally sensitive?

Uluru is far more than just a spectacular natural wonder, it is deeply significant to local Aboriginal people and an important part of Aboriginal cultural identity. Make sure the tour you choose is led by a knowledgeable and respectful guide, who can teach you more about what Uluru represents to Aboriginal people.

Can I book any extra activities?

There are plenty of extra activities on offer around Uluru from scenic flights to quad tours and even camel rides! Check to see if your tour offers these excursions- they can all offer a great, alternative way of seeing the site.

How will we get around?

Travelling through the Red Centre means a lot of hours on the road, so make sure the tour vehicle used is large and comfortable enough to accommodate your group and their gear. 4WD vehicles are smaller but high off the ground meaning great views, while mini coaches are larger but lower so what you gain in leg room, you might lose in view.

What’s for dinner?

Veggie? Vegan? Gluten allergy? If you have any dietary requirements you’ll want to make sure your tour can cater for you and make sure you don’t go hungry while everyone else is tucking into camel burgers at dinner. Most tour companies can accommodate requests but it’s always best to check.

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