Uluru Private Tour Charters – A Great Team Bonding Experience

Nothing brings people closer than sharing unique adventure none of you have had before, and that is exactly what you will get with private uluru tour charter with Mulgas. You may think you know your colleagues or student mates well, but as is often the case it‘s only when we get the chance to escape our comfort zone that we really see what we’re made of. With years of experience in running Mulgas Adventures, we know that sharing all the amazing experiences to be had in the Outback can bring out the very best in people and lead to exceptional team bonding. But what to expect!?

A Challenging Outback Environment to encourage Team Bonding

By its very nature the Red Centre can be a challenging place. Long hot, sun drenched days and freezing nights can make camping in this part of the country pretty uncomfortable at times. But sharing a challenge like this, for example, and maybe realising that the guy who sits next to you in class who you thought you knew well is also a talented bushman who can get a fire going in next to no time, makes it all the more meaningful.

On our private Uluru tours you will also get to really understand your group’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own. Some people might be better at navigating a difficult trail, while others can put up a tent in seconds. It is only when faced with these challenges that teamwork really comes into its own.

All being ‘in the same boat’ means that everyone will be feeling the same kind of excitement and/or trepidation about say, hopping up on the back of a surly camel for the first time or embarking on a big hike through a deserted canyon, when normally you just walk to your car and back. Challenging yourself alongside others who are also being challenged in the same way builds unbreakable bonds through that shared experience.

Seeing your companions in a different light

When you know someone only in the context of a formal environment, like an office or a school or a sports group, you naturally only ever see them in the framework of that place. Getting out into the wild makes you see these people in a different light. For example, visiting important cultural sites such as Uluru or Kata Tjuta will inevitably inspire in depth discussions about Australia’s aboriginal people and make for interesting evenings spent around the campfire. Something you definitely wouldn’t normally do with those people.

Reflecting On Team Bonding Experiences

Adventures in the Outback are all incredible in their own way. Whether it be witnessing the beauty of the sun rising over Uluru, relaxing in a beautiful natural hot spring or standing atop a huge canyon looking down on centuries of geological history. All these places will remain with you forever, and being able to share those experiences through a team bonding exercise will mean you can reflect on them together, time and time again.

Up for the challenge of Team Bonding in the Outback?! Fancy bringing your sports team, university cohort, work colleagues or adventures companions on a unique experience. Find out more about booking a unique Outback tour charters with Mulgas Adventures.

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