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Northern Territory Tours For Backpacker – Why You Should Travel The Aussie Outback

Northern Territory Tours For Backpacker are high on the bucket list and for good reason. Australia sees an endless stream of backpackers welcomed at its airports every single year and is arguably the most popular country for travellers across the globe. This is very likely because Australia boasts the best of land and sea, rainforest and outback deserts, and nobody can truly say they have completely experienced Australia until they see it all. This is why every backpacker should travel outback Australia and Uluru Tours should be no.1 on your bucket list!

Here is Why Every Backpacker Should Travel The Australian Outback

Here are a number of reasons why you should travel outback Australia if you truly wish to unturn every stone of exploration on your down under travels. Read on to be inspired on Northern Territory Tours.

Uluru Tours Love Heart5 quick fact about Uluru – Ayers Rock to shock your socks off;

It’s 428 km from Alice Springs, 2293 km from Melbourne and 2954 km from Sydney. It’s located within the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park.
Uluru is 348 metres (1141 feet) high
Its circumference is 9.4km (5.8 miles) – Basically, its gigantic!!
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is 1326 km2 in size (132,567 hectares/512 miles2 – Basically, freaking gigantic!

Australian deserts (Uluru included) are places of extremes. Winter nights as cold as (minus) -6C and summer days as hot as 46C have been recorded.

So, Why Should Backpackers book Northern Territory Tours?

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Travelling is often as much an emotional endeavour as it is a physical one. Sure, moving from city to city and even country to country is challenging enough but often, backpackers travel Outback Australia to keep expanding their comfort zones. In the long run, it only makes travelling more epic as the wider you broaden your horizons the more you will get to experience and naturally, you’ll spend less time worrying and more time simply enjoying each endeavour as it unfolds!

Experience Indigenous Culture

Travelling Outback Australia is a sure way to experience Indigenous Culture and experience a way of living that is incredibly intuned with mother nature. From ancient rock art to a simple campfire in the evening, this will show you a way of living that is not only mindfully nourishing but epicly eye opening! It is also an opportunity to learn indigenous history and see what makes Australia so unique and diverse. You might even pick up a few priceless survival tips! The indigenous are absolute masters of the land and operating with it, it is truly inspiring to learn this whilst you travel outback Australia!

There is Only 1 Outback Australia, There are Countless Cities

Nobody can dispute the fact that every Australian city is a world full of treasures in their own right and each one offer experiences to create memories that will last a lifetime but let’s face it, you know exactly what to expect. When you travel outback Australia you can only expect the unexpected and nothing makes an adventure feel more unreal. Quite simply, if you want an all round experience of Australia which is diverse and worth telling your friends about, then at some point you’re gunna have to join us in the heart of Australia!

When You’re Feeling Hardcore

This is a hardcore landscape, it is expansive, majestic and it is also unforgiving. Whilst Mulgas will ensure that when you travel outback Australia you will be guided by professionals, it is still an expedition for those wanting something a little more outlandishly exciting and a taste of uncertainty. If you ever needed a reason to travel outback Australia then let the very basic fact that the only reason you would only ever not, is that you forgot the reasons you ever travelled, to begin with!

The Northern Territory Is Calling All MillennialsWhat Should You Expect When You’re On A Northern Territory Tours For Backpackers?

This is a chance to be guided through the outback and tick off your australian experience bucket list. This is the experience of the Indigenous perspective of the outback which include attractions such as;

  • Alice Springs
  • Devils Marbles
  • Mataranka Hot Springs
  • Kata Tjuta
  • Edith Falls
  • Daly Waters
  • Uluru
Mulgas Adventures, Mataranka Hot Springs
Mataranka Hot Springs

You can expect an authentic expedition where you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, hike and climb in world famous national parks, camp and stargaze the night away whilst sharing stories with your new found travel team. Overall, you can expect an endeavour which has only ever left backpackers with memories that they will keep with them forever and without regret that they missed out on the chance to travel outback Australia!

Quick Tips For What To Pack For An Outback Camping Tour

  • Bring toucan powder. It is extremely hot here and nothing will ruin your experience quicker than chafing! This is easily avoidable with the GLOURIOUS T.P.
  • A hat with a round brim. Us Aussie wear them for good reason and do so without the slightest care of the horrific fashion sense. However, when the sun is scorching, that brim is going to keep your head, face, ears and neck protected!
  • Appropriate footwear – It’s hard to forget what creatures lurk when you travel outback Australia but just in case you want to chance it, DON’T. Equally, you will be hiking across terrain where you will need supporting footwear.

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Mulgas Outback Camping Tours Australia Include;

“There really isn’t an experience like being in the middle of such an expansive landscape that upholds such flabbergasting views and jam packs so many attractions all into one adventure.”

So, we challenge you!
Give us one good reason to miss out on the chance to travel Outback Australia?
Our thoughts also!
Come join us and travel outback Australia on our Northern Territory Backpacker Tours of Central Australia.