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17 Incredible Reasons to Visit the NT

The Northern Territory, or the NT as the locals call it, is the best part of the country to get an authentic Australian outback experience. Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory might be laidback but there’s a wealth of things to do, events and great places to check out while visiting. Life might be slower to Australia’s major cities but it’s what you do that counts. 

The NT has a long history attached to the region and plenty of culture to discover. It’s the landscape that makes Australia the adventure filled travel destination that it is and it’s somewhere you need to explore. Here’s 17 reasons why you should visit the Northern Territory for a slice of real Aussie action.

Swim With a Crocodile in the Cage of Death

A once-a-lifetime chance and the only place in Australia to get into water with a hungry crocodile without the fear of being eaten, head to Croc Cove and take the plunge into the “Cage of Death” to get an underwater view of these reptilian beasts up close.

The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

Home to one of the most picturesque sunsets, the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are open from Thursday to Sunday. Here, you’ll find local entertainment, arts and crafts and lots of food stalls.

Kakadu National Park

Visit Kakadu National Park and experience the stunning swimming holes, towering termite mounds and more critters than you can shake a stick at!

Ubiir Rock and Cave Art

The place to see ancient Aboriginal cave art dating back to 20,000 years old.

Tour the Rock

Take a trip to Uluru – Australia’s most famous landmark and the heart of the Red Centre.

Visit the Olgas

Another rock formation, although not as famous as Uluru, Kata Tjuta – also known as The Olgas – are a range of dome shaped rocks that you won’t believe exist on earth.

See the Katherine Gorge

Cruise and kayak in this breathtaking sandstone formation.

See the Fruit Bat Swarms

Hundreds of these fruit bats or flying foxes can fill up trees without warning. They’re harmless, but better keep your mouth shut when you look up for them!

Lessons in Aboriginal Culture

Northern Territory is one of the best places to meet local aboriginal people still living a semi-traditional life.

Mary River

The Real Australian Billabong

The classical Australian folk song ‘Waltzing Matilda’ talks about the billabong – a stagnant pool of water off the main waterway. At the end of the song, the swagman jumps into the waterway, not to be seen again. Perhaps he disappeared because of the incredible wildlife in the billabong.

Crocodiles in the Wild

The billabongs in Mary river are home to many massive saltwater crocodiles.

Litchfield National Park

The Most Unspoiled Waterfalls in the World

A dip in the waterfalls of the park are an excellent way to escape the tropical heat.

Termite Cathedrals

Some of the biggest termite mounds in the region are in Litchfield National Park, growing for over 70 years and over 4 metres tall.

Tiwi Islands

Cultural welcome

The Tiwi island aboriginal culture is distinct from the mainland – like the traditional smoke dance they perform to visitors to promise a safe visit.

Create Your Own Aboriginal Art

Work with a local screen printing artist to create your own aboriginal art.Explore Uluru on our tours departing from Darwin, Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Airport.

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