10 Reasons Why Backpackers Love Uluru Tours

Uluru has become the unofficial symbol of Australia and the Outback, and deservedly so. A trip to this sacred and spiritual place tops the list of almost all itineraries to this part of the country. Backpackers make up a good portion of the visitors to the beautiful big red rock, and here are 10 Reasons Backpackers Love Uluru tours.

Here’s Why We Love Uluru Tours

Uluru is one of the most important Aboriginal sites in Australia

Uluru carries enormous cultural and spiritual significance to local indigenous tribes, and is said to have been formed by ancestral beings during Dreamtime. The many caves around the rock also hold deep meanings and learning about the site’s cultural significance is one of the most rewarding aspects of any visit.

Backpackers Love Uluru because it’s beautiful

Huge and imposing with colours that change throughout the day, gazing at the beauty of Uluru can take hours. But what a view.

Uluru is an Australian icon and it’s on every backpackers bucket list

With so much history and cultural significance, Uluru really is an icon of Australia. Getting a snap of yourself at Uluru means there’s no disputing where you are.

Uluru is an Outback ‘must-see’ – why wouldn’t you visit?

There are a tonne of amazing sights to see in the Outback, but Uluru remains at the top of the list.

Choose to see Uluru from sky or land and make your trip EPIC!

Whether it be a helicopter ride high above or a camel trek around the base, there are lots of ways to see the great rock in all its glory.

Ayers RockThe Australian outback is stargazer’s dream

The remoteness of Uluru means there is very little light pollution, and that means epic starry skies every night. Choosing to camp out in the open rather than staying in a hotel means lots of opportunities to witness the stars of the southern hemisphere nights..

Uluru Base Hike – You’ll LOVE it

Keen hikers love the amazing hike around the base of Uluru. Get to see the beautiful colours up close, as well as wildlife and hidden caves. The hike here is one of the best in the Outback.

Uluru TourUluru is a photographer’s dream

This huge red rock rising out of the barren landscape makes for amazing pictures and the changing colours of the earth mean amazing shots from dawn to dusk. It’s difficult to take a bad picture of Uluru, which also helps.

Ayers RockYou’ll meet new life long friends

As Uluru is such a major draw for tour groups, it’s easy to find new mates while staying in the camps around the site.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience

There is nowhere else like Uluru in Australia, or indeed the world. A visit here is a once in a lifetime experience. No wonder so many backpackers make a stop here. Book a place on our grand Alice Springs to Uluru tour that includes 3 days exploring Central Australia with a whole day and night at Uluru. We’ll even thrown in a glass of bubbly at sunset!

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