Alice Springs Tour, Packages and Tour Guides

Alice Springs is one of the best places to visit in the Outback and that’s why it’s a very popular tourist attraction. Many experienced travellers insist that this is the place you should start your Outback exploration and at Mulgas Adventures, we agree. While Uluru and Kings Canyon are more visible and popular, Alice Springs has culture, history, and stories behind it. Alice Springs tours are the best way to start off on your Outback journey and we’ll introduce you to the best places here.

Highlights of Alice Springs

Alice Springs is so popular because it has many interesting places to visit and explore. This area is called the heart and soul of the Australian Outback by many travellers. This is a very hospitable and friendly town that welcomes all tourists and shows them a part of their culture. Here’s a brief introduction to some of the best parts of Alice Springs:

  • Devils Marbles – Devils Marbles or Karlu Karlu is a conversation reserve just north of Alice Springs. It’s a protected area with interesting wildlife but the most intriguing feature of the area is the large granitic boulders scattered around. This reserve is of considerable cultural and spiritual significance to the native Aborigines. There are many uniquely shaped stones here that almost seem manmade because of their smooth surface.
  • Mataranka Thermal Springs – Bitter Pool or the Mataranka Thermal Springs is widely known to have healing and soothing properties. The water is always of the perfect temperature and the scenery surrounding the pool is peaceful and beautiful. This is the ideal break from the busy city life and is always a part of Alice Springs tour packages.
  • Edith Falls – Also known as Leliyn, Edith Falls is another natural water formation that draws tourists from all corners of Australia. It’s located in Nitmiluk National Park and is ideal for swimming and hiking. The trail is moderate so you don’t need to be an experienced hiker to enjoy and explore this place. There are many areas to visit and explore here, including the Upper Pool, Sweetwater Pool, and Lower Pool. There are several small camping grounds near the area as well.
  • Daly Waters Pub – Daly Waters Pup is a popular tourist attraction and a great place to stopover during your Alice Springs backpacker tours. The food here is excellent and the vibe has an outdoorsy and Outback feel to it.
Alice Springs Tour, Packages and Tour Guides

Why Choose Us?

  • We have experienced and knowledgeable guides who’re very familiar with the area and will introduce you to beautiful sceneries and places.
  • The Alice Springs tours we organise are comprehensive and will take you to the most interesting attractions in the area.
  • We have express tours as well as leisurely tours so you can choose one based on the time you have. Our express tours are quite affordable.

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